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Once upon a time, there lived a little girl, and her name was Cathy Clark, she was born and raised among the Ozark Hills, in Southwest Missouri . The most important decision of her life was when she was 8 years old, and asked Jesus Christ into her heart. She has devoted most of her life to service to the Lord, (teaching, leadership training, worship and prayer).During her early school days, she was very active in all the activities associated with her alma mater and graduated, met the love of her life, had 2 beautiful children and lived happily ever after.

"Now, for the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey says. 30 plus years past, and she has acquired many friends, and loved ones that include, seven wonderful grandchildren, and not limited to a few segregate grandchildren. They are a big part of her life and she enjoys spending time with them on a regular basis. Her mother and grandmother taught her how to sew, which has turned from an enjoyed hobby to a profession in 1982. In 1982, She has also has worked at various and sundry places until she expanded her education to include an Associates Degree from a local Business College . She discovered that working at these dead end jobs that she would become the little old woman behind the sewing machine at age 80. She was very excited about the new possibilities that would come her way because of the education. She has struggled with her health but has continued to advance her career, as a tax preparer for H & R Block. She became an Office Manager, receptionist, payroll clerk, and various challenging task along the way for different companies. She worked for a CPA firm as a bookkeeper and tax preparer, and presently working for David's Bridal.

She has had a rewarding and very challenging life thus far and is looking forward the things ahead. Her goal is to become self employed after she graduates and passes the CPA exam. Well, you guessed it, it?s ME!! And lastly, this is the last course in this stage of my journey. I know that I have 30 more hours in order to set for the CPA exam.

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